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Hello, I'm DUSHI!
DUSHI is bursting with great ideas to make the world a more beautiful, cheerful and friendly place. DUSHI conceives and develops unique concepts, products, services and initiatives. DUSHI always conducts business according to 4 pillars that embody and express its human values.

The 4 DUSHI pillars are:

Love What would we be without love for ourselves and others?
Talent Pursue and develop your talent, passion and creativity. That way you'll find the right direction.
Wisdom         Learning is more than 1 + 1 = 2. Explore: be conscious. And use what you learn to do good.
Joy Adopt a joyful attitude to life and think positively. Life will respond by becoming easier and more beautiful.


The DUSHI concepts, products, services and initiatives bring pleasure, create a challenge and offer encouragement. In all its activities, DUSHI brings out the child in everyone, and thereby sets in motion the process of raising consciousness, experiencing pleasure and creating harmony. Children are pure, free of conditioning and always naturally themselves. Those who regularly experience the world in the same way as a child at play, naturally help build a more beautiful world. And our children are literally our future.

The word dushi is Antillean and means ‘sweetheart’. But DUSHI means more than simply sweetheart. Everything and everyone can be DUSHI; a person, group of people, story, event, lesson or book. So when you experience something positively: call it DUSHI!

DUSHI bases all its activities on the People, Planet, Profit principle. This means that in addition to striving for profit, DUSHI also takes into account the effects of its activities on the environment, as well as considering the human aspect in and outside of the company. At DUSHI everything revolves around striking the optimal balance between these three aspects: People, Planet, Profit.


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